end wrong-site surgeries

Standardized site markings Team and patient confirm the site Better Time Outs
“A wrong-site surgery is the most feared complication any of us would want to encounter. In order to prevent this, the Surgi-Sign is a no brainer.”

— Dr. Kathryn Dalton, DO General and Breast Surgeon

The Surgi-Sign eliminates wrong-site errors in a unique way: it combines standardized markings with simple cross checks at the operative site to ensure the correct site is identified. Wrong-site errors happen approximately 40 times/week in the U.S., It happens at every hospital. You can make this Never Event truly a never event.
“I would think every hospital wants a product like this. This is what the hospital wants, this is what the surgeons want, and obviously it’s what the patients want.”

— Dr. James Boyle, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

DOESN’T DISRUPT WORKFLOW: Applies in just 10 seconds, and comes off just as fast with an alcohol wipe. Or, if you prefer, you can use any standard prepping containing alcohol to wipe away in 30 seconds.

THE MARKS REMAIN VISIBLE: Even though the tattoo disappears, the surgeon’s initials, date, and check marks all remain visible on the patient’s skin in the procedural site — and you’re ready for the Time Out.

true team work

“When you prep and drape that patient, you can see that’s the area that the surgeon and patient identified as the correct site.”            — Nancy Spirko, RN, MSN, CNOR

This is what your Time Out will look like every time

No more marking variability. No more guessing if the correct site is marked, even after draping.
Everyone participates — even the patient. Finally a mechanism for halting a procedure if something doesn’t look right.