Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the tattoo?  The Surgi-Sign wipes away in 10 seconds with gauze moistened with water or alcohol.

Can the Surgi-Sign be moved after it has been applied?  No. It cannot be moved once applied.

Does the Surgi-Sign contain latex?  No. The Surgi-Sign does not contain any latex and can be used safely on anyone who is allergic to latex.

Where is the Surgi-Sign made?  The Surgi-Sign is made entirely in the USA.

Is the Surgi-Sign FDA-approved?  Yes. The Surgi-Sign is registered with the FDA, and the facility in the U.S. where it is made and manufactured is also FDA-approved. All inks used are registered with the FDA as “Food Grade Inks” and are 100% non-toxic.

What is the tattoo made of?  The tattoo is a specially-formulated acrylic copolymer, which is similar to the surgical glue used to close surgical incisions. All inks used are registered with the FDA as “Food Grade Inks” and are 100% non-toxic.

Will it cause a surgical site infection?  No. The tattoo is completely removed from the surgical site with a moistened gauze prior to surgical site prepping.

Do I have to wear sterile gloves when applying the tattoo?  No. The Surgi-Sign is applied in the pre-operative area prior to the procedure and does not require sterile gown or gloves.

What if the patient can’t reach the tattoo to write a confirming mark?  The patient’s healthcare proxy can confirm the correct site has been identified and mark it for them.

What if the Surgi-Sign was placed in the wrong spot?  Our system was designed to identify this very error. If the wrong site was marked initially, simply remove the tattoo with a moistened gauze or with an alcohol pad and apply a new tattoo in the correct surgical site.

How long can the temporary tattoo stay on the skin?  The Surgi-Sign can last between 3–5 days. It is designed to become more adherent to a patient’s skin if there is a delay in surgery. This means surgeons can also apply the tattoo prior to surgery in their office.

How is this different from other surgical site temporary tattoo markers?  The Surgi-Sign is the only marker that standardizes the surgeon’s initials while also actively involving the patient and team in confirming the surgical site. Our most unique feature is that when the tattoo is wiped away, all of the team marks remain visible in the surgical field. You are now ready for a robust Time Out.

How do I arrange for a trial at our institution?  Contact us directly. We are happy to work with any hospital or surgical center to set up a trial.