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Our temporary tattoos are made of a specially-formulated acrylic co-polymer, which is similar to surgical glues used for wound closure. They are non-toxic and latex free for sensitive skin. The tattoo can be applied to the skin in less than 10 seconds, and it wipes away in 5 seconds with an alcohol wipe, or it dissolves away in 20-30 seconds with all alcohol-based prepping solutions.
SMS-1 Kit
Size: 2″ x 1.65″. This kit contains our largest design that is ideal for most surgeries. It includes space for the surgeon to add the date.


SMS-2 Kit
Size: 1″ x 2″. This is our newest design that addresses challenging marking scenarios like hand and foot surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries. By using the directional element, fingers and toes will be clearly marked, and your teams can now visibly be reminded whether the correct procedure is a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, an appendectomy, or a right- or left-sided colectomy.
Size: 1″ x 2″. We are happy to offer a Surgi-Sign design for pediatric patients in this kit. With our Surgi-Sign rocket, your young patients will actually be excited to be marked for surgery!
This is a perfect size for eye procedures. At 1″ x .6″ your team will be able to see that the correct eye has been clearly identified and cross-checked. The best part is our proprietary easy-release formula, which now makes it easy to remove after the procedure; it wipes  away in 5 seconds with an alcohol wipe. This also eliminates the need for different colored stickers for right and left eyes.

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